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  • This leash wrap reads Stop Service Dog Do Not Pet.

Stop Sign Do Not Pet Leash Wrap

Easily lets others know not to pet your service dog & features a stop sign graphic.
6 product reviews  
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Product Description

Our "Stop Sign - DO NOT PET" Leash Wrap Cover is a great tool to show that your dog is, indeed, working and should not be disturbed. Measuring approximately 12" in length, this leash wrap cover features a crisp STOP SIGN graphic and the embroidered words "DO NOT PET" in large letters on both sides. Thread colors are Red and White. 

Leash is not included. 

Great to convert your leash, coupler or dog carrier shoulder strap into a display area that denotes your dog is a working service dog. Features easy velcro closures at each end for easy-on and easy-off operation. 


There are 6 review(s) for this product

  • perfect

    by stewarts mommy

    This patch stays on the leash where you put it and does not slide. Another quality product

  • do not pet leash wrap

    by priscilla

    Easy to put on the leash and stays put. Very well made. My dog is very shy. This keeps people from getting too close and stressing her out.

  • Exactly what I needed

    by Mike Hamel

    I have a rescue who is very leery of strangers. Some people don't stop to ask they just walk right up to him and try to pet him. I've asked that people ask first but, this doesn't stop some people. This did the trick. Rugged, durable and well worth the money.

  • WOW - Very well made

    by George Tullos

    This is the best thing I have found yet. If you have a Service Dog then you know what I mean. It helps my Service Dog stay focused on me, instead of being distracted by the public wanting to pet him. I still get the "Oh, you are so cute" comments along with so many others. This Leash wrap puts the sign at peoples level. The Leash wrap is extremely well made and stays in place. This is NOT a flimsily made product.

  • love it love it love it!!!!!

    by Angela Tucson Arizona

    Keeps people from intruding when I am working with my service dog....haven't had anyone ask me to pet her or bother us. Another awesome service dog(or any dog really) product quality made...at an affordable price and QUICK delivery! Thank you pet joy!!!

  • Stop Do Not Pet Leash Wrap

    by Marshfield, WI

    product was clearly made durable. The total design of the product have stopped people from petting my service dog while he is working.