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Review of 19" Leather Traffic Lead

Article Posted By Josh Griffith

19 inch leather dog lead

Grade: 5/5


Dog leads (leashes) come in all shapes and sizes. We've experienced everything from the 4 inch pull tab leash to a custom 75 foot training check lead. Today, we're going to take a brief look at our Wiredog brand 19" leather traffic lead.

It doesn't take a very long write up to run through this lead. I began using it with my Doberman almost 10 years ago and it has become a staple in my dog supply inventory at home.  I use it extensively with my German Sherpherd Dog as well. Here are some quick things about the lead:

  • Standard leash style snap, but made of solid brass.
  • Made in Ohio, USA.
  • It's stitched as well as double-riveted at both ends. The rivets are also solid brass.
  • It is made of high-quality leather used for horse harness making.
Convenience Factor:
The length of this lead is extremely convenient. I toggle my use alot between this lead and our 11 inch version as well. If the dog is pretty tall, like all of mine have been, I can even let this lead dangle if I need to while still being able to reach down and grab it quickly. The large bolt snap we use also makes quick work of attaching it to your dog's collar as well as taking it off.
From a completely objective point of view, this lead is tough as nails. Don't get me wrong, there are other good leather leads out there - we didn't invent the leather dog leash. If the one you are looking at is made to the same standards, you are fine. Personally, when choosing leather products (even ones that aren't dog items) I would look for Made in the USA. If you run to a large pet supply store and check out some of the leather it feels worlds apart from this supple, strong leather found in our traffic lead. A lot of the foreign leather products just feeling like they will simply break instead of break-in after time.
The only drawbacks to this lead that I have with this lead would be if your dog was short you would not ever want to let the lead dangle. If you did the short dog could get caught up in it and possibly injured. If your dog is short, check out the 11 inch verison.
The other con to this product also happens to be it's greatest strength. It's leather. You would not want to continually submerge this leash in water.  When saturated, leather will stretch and the integrity of the product could be compromised. Simple rain, or even the occasional downpour, is not going to hurt this leash. Simply hang it to dry. But I wouldn't leave it on my dog while he takes a swim.
It's a Wiredog product, so we back the workmanship forever. If we can't fix it we will send a replacement. When you couple the materials and the construction method used in this lead, I can see it easily lasting a decade. Unless, of course, you have a dog that likes to snack on leather. 
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