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Our Own Product Reviews

An Objective Look at Dog Supplies We've Tortured


red dog leashThis section is something that we have thought about starting for quite a while now. Many of our products, like the service dog jacket or vests we manufacture, have dozens or hundreds of user reviews that you can read to gain a better understanding of what people like, or don't like, but not all products have that. We expected great reviews on our vests because we make them here and designed them. We have also taken tons of customer feedback and incorporated it into the improvements of our designs. That is a sure way to make a product better!

But what about those service dog equipment items we don't make? What about that popular toy or the bowl that we hear about? What about that kennel or crate?  Do they hold up? Some of this service dog gear we just have to try for ourselves. We will now be adding some of our own editorial pieces on products we have tested, tried and tortured. The list will start off slow, below this introduction and will be organized more and more as it gets longer.

Is our testing conducted in a laboratory? Umm, no. These tests have been conducted in our homes, on our streets, on our hikes and in our backyards. Scientific? Not really. Real life? Yep. Most of the products you'll see reviewed here have been tested by our late Doberman, our Newfoundland, our German Shepherd or my father-in-law's Yorkshire Terrier. It's real life. If the product fell apart on us, we're going to tell you that. If it held up great, you'll know that too.

We should pause here to note that dogs are all different. Just because my Doberman tore apart the stuffed bunny in 3 minutes, doesn't necessarily mean your dog will do the same. It doesn't even mean the product is horrible - in this case, it would simply mean that we wouldn't recommend the item to a customer that labeled their dog as a, say, aggressive chewer. So, here we go...