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Other Service Dog Gear

This section of our website contains service dog supplies online that are extremely useful, but don't fit into one of our other categories such as vests. Here you'll find items that can be used in your vehicle, service dog signs for your business, boots, dog food bowls and more.

Certain supplies, such as our leash wraps, can be customized if you have an organization or training facility. All Wiredog working dog equipment is made right here in Hartville, Ohio, by us, from start to finish. We'd be happy to team up with our facility to create a unique product for your application.

If you're after a more specific item, use our menu to the left or even our convenient search box in the top right portion of our site.  As always, if you need any help at all, just call the phone number at the top of your screen; we're here to help.


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