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  • Reinforced with steel and made to last.

Nylon Steel Reinforced Bridge Handle

5 product reviews  
Replaced by part number SVD-0125


Product Description

This product has now been replaced by our Snap On Bridge Handle which offers more versatility. Click here to check it out.


Our newest 14" Bridge Handle Snaps on for instant control over your K9 and keeps them close by. Made from 2 layers of black nylon and reinforced with steel, this handle will last a lifetime. The steel bar inside lends this service dog bridge handle a more rigid design. Featuring 1" bolt snaps, this handle is very easy to attach and detach. This handle has a 14" height for easy grip. Made to clip onto our SVD-0112 vest and our SVD-0108 vest. Will work with most other vests as well. Available in 14" length.

NOTE: The Bridge Handle should NOT be used for stability purposes. This item clips to our integrated D-Rings on our vest which means it does shift around. This handle is great for guiding a person and for keeping your K9 close by. Important Note: It is illegal to represent your dog as a Service Dog if your dog is indeed not a Service Dog. Wiredog will NEVER knowingly sell to an individual committing this fraudulent activity. If you are unsure about what a Service Dog is, please refer to our Service Dog Information page for the definition according to the Federal ADA Act.


There are 5 review(s) for this product

  • Just what I Needed

    by Steve

    Handle fits harness perfectly. It is the right height for me.

  • great product

    by Brenda

    This has been excellent with my family's German Shepherd service dog. It has been less than a week with the new piece and she responds as if she has always had it.

  • Excellent

    by Paul Hensier

    Fits perfect

  • Nylon Steel Reinforced Bridge Handle

    by Judy McIntosh

    The bridge handle came in great, but it said the harness was shipped separate, have not recieved it yet and no way to trace it.

  • Quality and Heavy Weight

    by Autism Epicenter

    Quality made product, and probably fine for adults. But, when used by my 9-year-old with autism, this bridge handle leash is a bit heavy. A kid of 9 isn't tall enough to hold the handle upright and so the extra weight causes the dog's vest to slide to the side and then the vest needs constant adjustment.