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  • Mod-Tec in ACU Digital Camo shown with optional patches and owner added patches from time during military service.
  • Mod-Tec shown in Woodland Camo.
  • Mod-Tec shown in ACU Digital Camo.
  • Mod-Tec shown in Red.
  • Mod-Tec shown in Charcoal Grey color.
  • Mod-Tec shown in Hot Pink color.
  • Pray for those serving our great country. We love our soldiers.
  • Plenty of storage on both sides to carry whatever you need.
  • Pack it full with whatever you need.  The packs on our Mod-Tec can take it.
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Mod-Tec Harness with Packs

Important Note:
Due to extreme demand, the backpacks for this item are currently on backorder for 4-5 weeks. Your harness will ship first and then the backpacks will ship automatically from our factory as soon as they become available.
5 product reviews  
Usually ships in 3 to 4 business days.


Product Description

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to extreme demand, the backpacks for this item are currently on backorder.  Your harness will ship first and then the backpacks will ship automatically from our factory as soon as they become available. Packs are shipped on a first come, first served basis. Current estimate: 4-5 weeks after your order is placed.

This Mod-Tec harness is the complete system which does include the MOLLE bags. If you want the Mod-Tec without the bags, you can see it here.

Developed hand-in-hand with one of our partner organizations, the Mod-Tec Harness has been used, abused and tested for over a year prior in real daily service dog life. This Modular vest system is the most versatile option we offer when it comes to the varying needs of daily activities. Complete with massive backpacks to carry and store everything from water bottles to medication this is a serious piece of working dog equipment.

The Mod-Tec uses MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) Webbing for the attachment of the packs and other accessories. Those in with military experience can appreciate the stability of the MOLLE system and it's the same with this harness.  The backpacks never flop around, they can be adjusted forward and backward or can simply be removed. Measuring a whopping 3" x 6" x 8" (that's a grand total of 288 cubic inches) you can easily carry two 16.9 oz. bottles of water in each pack. 

We don't embroider this vest, but if you'd like to spruce it up with your dog's name or the website of your organization, simply order one of our Custom Embroidered Patches and we'll put velcro on the back of it for you (no charge to put the velcro-backing on for you).

Double girth straps make the fit and function of this vest incomparable. Gone is any sliding, shifting or discomfort when carrying a load larger than what our normal Saddlebag Harness would carry.

Two forward placed D-Rings pave the way to hook a leash to or one of our bridge handles for guide work or comfort handling.

Running all the way down the center of the harness is a wide strip of velcro so you can place any patches on it you want to. The Mod-Tec will come with one patch of your choice (with velcro backing) to place on the top of the harness. The packs will each come with their own patch of your choice as well. Have an old unit patch?  You can put it right on there by using velcro.  

The sides of each bag are also finished with the fuzzy side of velcro and will come with a patch of your choice for each bag. There's still plenty of room, however, for your own patches too or additional patches from us. Just check out some of our photos to see how much room there is on the vests for the placement of patches.

This vest is offered in a number of colors to suit the personality and style of you and your dog.


There are 5 review(s) for this product

  • That is my dogs vest in the picture!

    by Eric Goempel

    I have had not one issue with this vest! Every time I take her to the VA all the others with Service Dogs ask where I found it! She carries my medicine for 3 days, shoots, her paperwork 2 bottles of water, everything I have tried fits perfect! The Service Pet Joy gives Is AMAZING! Next time I have to go to the VA in Cleveland I plan to stop by and say hi and check out whats new!

  • Awesome Harness

    by Unknown

    Wow this harness is Awesome! It feels like military grade specs and my dog doesn't mind wearing it all day. I use the bags to carry his collapsible water bowl, rolls of doggy waste bags and extra treats for when my treat bag gets low. Plenty of room and great reflective outline of harness all in all outstanding product.

  • Best money I have ever spent.

    by Steven USN

    This is my first harness and the quality far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a service dog harness. It also works well when going through security at the airport.

  • Best Vest

    by Mark

    This vest has the highest quality of any vest I have had or seen. Well worth it!!

  • excellent quality

    by Chris

    After purchasing another vest off here and having it last a month before it kept breaking this one is much better. The whole thing is high quality. The part where the leash attaches is sewn very well and I don't see it breaking anytime soon unlike my other. I give this 5 stars all the way.