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  • The ultimate in strength and comfort. Perfect for summer time, warm climates or dogs that seem to be hot all the time.
  • Mesh Saddlebag shown in Royal Blue.

Mesh Saddlebag Harness Vest

A tough, lightweight mesh service dog vest with bags that go on and off in seconds.
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Product Description

Our Mesh Saddlebag Service Dog Vest is the perfect solution if you are looking for a vest that not only identifies you dog clearly, but is also strong, practical and easy to operate. 

It all begins in our choice of material to construct this vest from. We begin with double layers of 1,000 denier (that's super strong) industrial grade mesh. When you first get this mesh, it may feel a little stiff, but breaks in within days to a comfortable softness for your dog.  You can even help speed this process along by "working" the vest like a new baseball glove. This mesh is ideal because it will allow constant air flow to your dog, keeping them more comfortable while they're working.

For the sake of style, we then layer a beautiful panel of colored fabric on the center of the vest - the result is a strikingly gorgeous vest that is superior in strength to any other mesh vest on the market today. We back this claim up by guaranteeing the workmanship for life.

Want to make your vest even more beautiful? We now offer embroidery directly on your dog's vest. We'll embroider the name in a contrasting color for a one of a kind look that's just for your dog.  All embroidery is done in a BLOCK FONT by default. If you want a cursive font, just request it in your "Order Comments" during checkout.

Also included are two of our detachable saddlebags complete with a patch of their own attached with velcro for easy patch swapping during and after training. These bags each measure 4" X 7" X 2" and pack a generous 56 cubic inches of cargo each. That's more than enough room for any medication, a cell phone, treats, waste bags and even a small 12 ounce bottle of water. The bags sit at around a 35 degree angle and keep the weight distributed over the dog's front shoulder area.

Want to know how to size your dog for a service dog vest? Want to see a swatch of our vest colors? Click here to view our sizing instructions or click here to view our current color chart.

The vest comes with 1 patch on top of the vest for easy visibility and each Saddlebag is outfitted with a patch as well. That's 3 patches all together.

Additionally, both the girth strap as well as the chest strap are adjustable for the best fit possible. This vest is available in 8 different colors to suit your style! Each of our SVD-0168 Mesh Saddlebag Service Dog Vest Harness include three patches of your choice (1 on the vest and one on each Saddlebag - see Patch Style Types. These will be sewn on for you free of charge by the factory unless you request otherwise.

All girth sizes are measured in inches.
Sizes are as follows: (girth measurement) 26-30", 30-34", 34-40" and 40-42"

*Call or e-mail for other Custom Sizes.

A note about sizing - please make sure to measure your dog's girth, TWICE, for an accurate measurement. To do this, use a SOFT FABRIC measuring tape and measure your dog around the chest just behind the front legs. Make sure your dog is standing up while you are doing this. You can also circle your dog's chest with a leash and then measure the leash where you mark it.

Important Note: It is illegal to represent your dog as a Service Dog if your dog is indeed not a Service Dog. Wiredog will NEVER knowingly sell to an individual committing this fraudulent activity. If you are unsure about what a Service Dog is, please refer to our Service Dog Information page for the definition according to the Federal ADA Act.


There are 46 review(s) for this product

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  • everything moves

    by Unknown

    I got this type of vest because I have an issue with being able to carry things and I was hoping that they would help me with this. I find that the bags flop around and the vest slips to the side. It doesn't matter if the bags are packed or empty and the vest slips with or without the bags on. I have the vest as tight as I can get it have tried it looser it still shifts and the buckel is hard to click in it is smaller than the buckel on the old vest Sam is not happy with it he fights me when putting it on that never happened before because he knows that we are going out when the vest comes off the hook mm

  • Great product

    by Cleveland OH

    Very well constructed and durable

  • Love this vest, great quality

    by Cindy

    The vest arrived quickly even though we requested personalization. I did read the other reviews about the vest shifting, but I found if adjusted correctly, it stays in place. Just snug the strap like you were adjusting your belt. Our service dog wears it everyday, sometimes with the saddle bags and sometimes without. We have not noticed shifting. The only other thing I may add is a when the dog shakes, the bags flip around. I am adding a strap to the bottom of the bags and connecting them loosely.

    Really love the quality for the price.

  • Great product

    by d

    I love the way the vest looks on my dog. He is an Aussie/huskey and has LONG fluffy hair. However, it tends to shift to one side or the other, even without the saddle bags.

  • Well-made Vest

    by Patti

    What a beautiful, top-notch vest! Jackson and I both love his new purple Service Dog vest. I was afraid he might not want to wear it, but Jackson wears it proudly. Best of all, he now goes everywhere with me without my being questioned or treated like a felon.

  • An excellent choice

    by Ann A.

    The mesh vest with saddlebags was an excellent choice. My dog enjoys wearing it.
    It is very well made, offers ventilation, and is simple to put on the dog. The edging is reflective! Fast shipping!.
    Highly recommended!

  • looks great and is not too hot

    by Unknown

    I ordered this for my husbands service dog. First, it looks great one the Greman Sheaperd! Fits well, stands out, and it big but not too big so it can be seen. The dog can lay down just fine in this vest. We love the mesh because it gets really hot here and this vest does give air. I was very happy that Petjoyonline went on and shipped the vest without the bags since they were on back order for a week, we didn't have to wait for the vest. It took 3 days with the cheapest shipping to get the vest. We will be ordering from petjoyonline again.

  • great first vest

    by amy

    This is our first vest for our autism dog in training. Easy to get on and off and appatently very comfortable because our golden comes running when she sees me get it down.

  • cool and comfoerable

    by Unknown

    This best is very sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. Easy to use. Also, perfect for summer with mesh sides. Only complaint is the attachment of the bags, would be nicer if it truly had designated spots to hook onto.

  • love this

    by Stephanie

    I absolutely love this harness. This harness fits my dog Rock perfectly.And the way that it slips over his head makes it so easy to put on.then there is the patches. They are so well made, and now that Rock has this new harness with patches people around us know what is up when we walk by. They are not as afraid of Rock. I recommend this harness to anyone that has a service dog.

    *** Petjoy Response ***
    Stephanie, that is so great to hear! We are thrilled that you and Rock are so pleased with his new service dog vest. Remember, if there is anything we can help you out with, just let us know. We appreciate you spreading the word about our Wiredog vests to other service dog handlers. It means the world to us!

  • great vest

    by rebecca kocher

    This is a great vest. I live the fact that the bags come off and the patches on the bags are removable so I can just move them instead of the bags themselves. Love the mesh for the simple fact that I live in Florida and the vest lets him breathe.
    I choose to get his name embroidered on his vest as well "RUGER" it looks amazing!
    Shipping was quick as well! Thank you for such a great product!

  • we love it!

    by bettejklein

    Both Osa and I love her Hot Pink service dog vest. It is cool on her, and cool for her. The added bags make it so she can carry her own goodies.

  • ok harness love the pink

    by sarah

    The harness is cute I got the pink one with my dogs name put on it. Only problem is it slides from side to side even when on tight. It needs a chest part it make it secure. The sliding is a big nusence and with hardly anything in the bags it slides. But like I said the pink is adorable and makes my service dog look cute.

  • Light harness with good fit

    by Alf

    This is an ideal harness for a service dog. The clasps allow you to size it so that it doesn't sag or slip off. The dog has to get used to a snugger fit, but it looks much sharper than the other vest I've used. The mesh on the sides makes it nice and light. Importantly, it seems to collect less hair, which makes it far easier to keep the dog looking presentable. The side bags are a good size and easy to access. I will use this vest year round.

  • Excellent, with only one minor complaint

    by Kaona and Haven

    I love this vest! It's great knowing that my service dog won't be overheating this summer. And you can really tell that the vest is high quality, it's made very well. The saddlebags are a great size, as someone else mentioned. They're not huge and in the way or uncomfortable for the dog, but have more than enough space to carry what we need. My only complaint is that the saddlebags sit at a strange angle and it looks funny and awkward, but no big deal. My order arrived promptly as well, which was wonderful! I will definitely be ordering from PetJoy again and recommending them to my friends who have service dogs.

  • 2nd Buy from PetJoy!

    by Shay Hampton

    This was another purchase from Petjoy because the first one was the best I've seen, not to mention the fit and looks! The versatility of this vest is what I like, the saddle bags work very well! They're perfect size for what I do with "McKinley" my Black Lab Service Dog! My wounded Vet friends that are getting dogs as well are sold on McKinley's vest! Thanks again Petjoy for the excellent product not too mention the service...second to none! God Bless!

  • vest works well

    by marty

    For Normin my seizure-alert German shepherd dog this vest works great We love the bags on the sides. We load them up with fun-size M5M'S and hand them out to kids when we are out working..

  • Excellent Product!

    by Amy & Tonka

    We LOVE this mesh vest. It will be much cooler than other vests that I have looked at for the extremely HOT summer in AZ. It is nice looking and fits my 150 lb Tonka dog (Mastiff, Great Dane & Anatolian Shepherd Mix). Please measure your dog prior to ordering. There is some room for adjustment in the girth, but not a lot. I ordered the 34 - 40 and it fits Tonka perfectly. Had I not measured and assumed the largest size it would have been too big. Love the removable saddlebags, they are very handy. I have already had several comments just in the few days we have been using the vest. So far, I highly recommend this vest! It is AWESOME! PetJoy has been AWESOME to deal with. This product was ordered late night on Wednesday and was delivered on Monday. The Customer Service is also AWESOME! Had a small issue with another item and it was fixed AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE (very quickly)!!

  • Excellent products

    by George Bringhurst

    Everything I order from your facility was excellent in craftsmen ship quality and the service was the best I have ever received from any company I will be ordering from your company in the future

  • Best Vest Ever!

    by Shelly

    I have a 100lbs Black lab that is my seziure alert dog. I was very hestant on going with this vest because of the price, but i dont regret it one bit now. because of my large dog i went with the largest size they had and its looks amazing on my dog. there were some minor altering on my part, but it was my fault and messuered her bigger then she ways. I will deffently will be continueing to shop here for all my service dog needs :D

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