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Mary and Jack

mary-and-service-dog-jack.jpgI received this story directly from Mary. It is obvious, when reading this story that the love her service dog, Jack, has for her is really something that the written word has trouble capturing. 

Jack is a lifesaver, indeed. Here is Mary's story in her own words. 

My amazing Goldendoodle Service Dog, Jack....

I suffer from FMS, chronic spine/pain issues, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, etc.

On February 17, 2011, I'd just been discharged from my third two week inpatient stay on a locked Psych. Unit within six months.

I was cleaning my Cockatiel cages and had a pile of newspapers on the floor beside me. My eye immediately caught a TINY ad, "Male Goldendoodle puppy. 4 months old. Born September 24, 2011. Loves tummy rubs". MY Birthday is ALSO September 24!!.....A sign?!?! 

The paper was from December 31 and being that it was February 17, I just KNEW that the puppy had already found his FUR~Ever home......

I went back and forth in my mind for a good 30 minutes about calling. I finally figured that the worst thing that could happen is to be told he was no longer available.

Yes! The puppy, called Jack, WAS still looking for his FUR~Ever home! Numerous people had called about him and had even made appointments to go see him. Nobody ever showed up or called to say they wouldn't be going to see him.

Four days later, on Saturday February 21, in horrendous snowy, icey conditions, my boyfriend and I set off for the 3+ hour drive......

The minute I saw him, I knew IMMEDIATELY that this sweet little man was going to be MY boy!! 

I started his Service Dog training about three weeks after he came home and he's been by my side (literally!! Total velcro boy!!) ever since!! (I trained and showed dogs, in Obedience & the Breed Ring, for 20 years. Before my health went South).

Before Jack came into my life I'd spent the better part of TWO YEARS confined to my bedroom. This incredibly AMAZING Doodlebug has enabled me to rejoin the outside world. He's literally saved my life! 

I'm able to go grocery shopping, etc., without suffering from the debilitating Anxiety and Panic Attacks and/or just not wanting to go out and do ANYTHING, due to the depression, etc.

He also helps me with my balance problems due to the Fibromyalgia and chronic spine issues. 'Bracing' himself when I need to stand up from a crouched position, ie: getting items off of the bottom shelves at the grocery store.

There just aren't words to describe everything Jack has done for me. All I know is that I can't imagine my life without him!! 

From the VERY first time I put his Service Dog Vest on him, he KNEW that he had/has a very important job to do! Get him home and take his vest off....OMGosh!! He turns back into my bouncing baby boy!! LOL!! 

Mary D. & Jack

Article Posted By Josh Griffith
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