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  • Our service dog id bridge handle is easy to see and easy to use.

Identification Bridge Handle - Service Dog

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Product Description

This 14" Snap On Bridge Handle Snaps also features large "SERVICE DOG" markers on each side.

Wiredog Bridge Handles are the ideal solution for instant control over your dog and keeps them close by.   Use in conjunction with one our vests as a bridge handle or clip both connection points to a single D-Ring on a collar and instantly have a short leash with a handle!  This is an extremely versatile lead solution.

Constructed of 3 layers of high density Nylon webbing, this handle will last a lifetime and the webbing features a break strength of approximately 4,000 pounds.

The handle is a Rubberized Molded hand grip, giving it a much fuller grip than other Snap On Handles. .

This item clips to our integrated D-Rings on our vest which means it does shift around. This handle is great for guiding a person with visual impairments, pulling and assisting with chairs and steps or just for keeping your K9 close by.  It is not intended as a mobility solution.

Important Note: It is illegal to represent your dog as a Service Dog if your dog is indeed not a Service Dog. Wiredog will NEVER knowingly sell to an individual committing this fraudulent activity. If you are unsure about what a Service Dog is, please refer to our Service Dog Information page for the definition according to the Federal ADA Act.


There are 6 review(s) for this product

  • Excellent Quality.

    by Kordelia

    I am pleased to review this product simply because I was a complicated customer on this one, and Pet Joy was entirely helpful in answering my inquiries. I really liked the concept of this identification handle but I really disliked the leash wraps. I am very particular about colors and visual balance and the orange was just not working for me. So I figured I would simply purchase the normal bridge handle and add my own leash wraps, that increased the price significantly but I didn't mind. Any price was worth it if I did not have to suffer through orange every day for the next year or more. That's just me though and there is nothing wrong with orange at all for those who do not need their SD's gear to all match as well as match the handler as seamlessly as possible. I take my SD everywhere I go and I could not imagine hauling around a bright orange beacon. To get to the point though, I inquired as to whether or not the leash wrap I wanted to purchase would work with the bridge handle. Pet Joy informed me that all I needed to do was order this identification handle and request at the end of my order that the leash wraps be switched. I did so, and they customized my order at no additional cost. I purchased the Stop Sign Do Not Pet leash wraps and they are excellent. I do need to mention that these leash wraps are only labeled on one side, not both, but that truly isn't a problem. I mean the people who need to see the labels are on the outside of the handle, not the inside. I have only had this product for a few days and although the quality is excellent, I am still in the transitioning phase, as is my SD, so I might need to review again at a later point in time. I have come to the realization that this handle can be used in more than one position which is very useful for me. I can hold the handle when my SD is in a down stay and that prevents me from needing to bend over and retrieve his leash hook which I loop through my finger while heeling. If I hold the handle at the same time I hold the leash hook it allows me to stay in my preferred heeling position while still increasing my stability. If I release the leash and just hold the handle it allows my SD to move forwards into guide position which he is currently in training for and was the reason I needed the handle to begin with. SO far, I have found it easy to use, its comfortable to hold onto and I am pleased with its responsiveness. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a handle which can be used for navigation work as well as counterbalance work. It is not a bracing handle it is a flexible and therefore responsive handle which allows you to feel your dog's movements as well as direct your dog through the handle. I do give fair warning that this handle allows the dog to pull, indeed, it is designed to encourage your dog to pull. I do not recommend this handle for anyone who has not yet mastered the heel. For owner trainers this is excellent for training navigation work and for those who have professional trainers this is an excellent product for a dog already trained to guide or navigate. Please do not use this handle for navigation without proper training. The first time I held it in pull-position my SD took off as if on a canicross harness. I called him back to heel position and he understood as he has mastered the heel. It's an excellent product but every product has it's intended purpose and this is not intended as a heel training leash.

  • great

    by Unknown

    Very nice and is made well. I am very happy with all products i purchased from petjoy. This id bridge handle fits great on the vests d rings. I ordered a hot pink embroidered vest. Colors look nice together with the black background with orange letters contrast to hot pink. My dog looks great in it and have gotten compliments!!! LOL...
    Thanks petjoy!!!!

  • Identification Bridge Handle - Service Dog

    by Houston, TX

    Bridge Handle covers are embroidered with Service Dog on both sides [total 4 signs]. This was not explicit on pet joy web site, but I was pleased to see it on the product. Bridge handle gives excellent control; handles is flexible, not stiff.

  • Bridge Handle

    by Lin Holt

    Well made sturdy handle that attaches easily to the service vest. Strong enough to easily control dog in any situation.

  • Service Dog Harness and Extended Guide Handle

    by Nancy Taft

    Excellent product and my Lab Myste loves wearing it. Its very strong and sturdy made, as stated in the description of the product on their website.I recommend petjoyobline too everyone I know looking for service dog products. Their Customer Service is outstanding, very pleasant, caring people to speak with.I will continue to order all of my products from them and my Veterinary Hospital has their name and number on file also because Mystes doctor wanted to know where I bought her very nice gear at.Thanks Petjoy for making my life alot nicer.Sincerely,Nancy Taft

  • Excellent Addition with the Vest I Purchased

    by Tabitha

    I recently bought the Service Dog Harness Vest, which includes a very useful handle, but I needed a little something more. This made an excellent addition to the vest as I gained instant control over my SD and could keep her close by so that when I need her assistance for mobility due to the onset of hearing loss-related vertigo, she is right there. I have been severely injured in the past going down stairs by myself and developed a fear of them, but I am no longer afraid as I don't have to go alone and the combination of me, my SD, and this rigid bridge handle helps lower my center of gravity making it much safer. The "Service Dog" markers make us more noticeable and have helped with lowering the number of times we get stopped about having a dog in a public area. Has also helped so that other people, even while good-intentioned, don't distract my SD from the important work that she does.