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  • A versatile tool for walking with your dog.
  • Padded back piece equals comfort.
  • Completely adjustable.

Hands-Free Leash System from Wiredog

12 product reviews  
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Product Description

Our Hands-Free Leash system is a great tool for those who need to keep both hands free for other uses. Made from durable 1" wide webbing, the leash portion that attaches to your dog's collar is adjustable for varying lengths. The lead then goes from there to your waist where it clips on to a Heavy Nickel-Welded D-Ring. The human belt portion of the system is 1.5" wide for comfort and the Hands-Free Leash System features a Padded Back for ultimate handler comfort. Fits waists 30"-50". Custom sizing available on this product, please call. This is a great tool for those with Service Dogs or those who love to take a run with their dog by their side.


There are 12 review(s) for this product

  • Works great!!

    by Unknown

    I bought this for a service dog in training, it was perfect !

  • Excellent!

    by Kaona

    I love this leash. It's very convenient to not have to hold onto a leash constantly. My dog is currently going through a phase of being very reactive towards other dogs (jumping, barking and pulling because she gets so excited about them) and I love this leash because when she does this, it is only very mildly uncomfortable for me and I don't struggle to keep control of her like I would with a regular leash. Plus it doesn't feel like my arm is about to be ripped off when she pulls like this. My only complaint is that I wish it could be adjusted to be shorter than it is for the times when I want her closer by, but unfortunately to be able to do this, I have to shorten the leash by holding it in my hand.

  • Runs a little big

    by Alf

    This is a great product--substantial enough to keep you from snapping in two if the dog pulls. At its smallest, it is slightly big on me--I'm an averaged sized woman and I basically have to wear it low on my hips. That's fine and no doubt in winter with heavier clothes will be even better, but if you are slight it is one thing to be aware of.

  • Great

    by T - Calabasas, CA

    Very sturdy and comfortable to wear.

  • So far, so good

    by Carolyn Pirtie

    This looks to be a leash that we will enjoy for many walks.

  • Leash

    by Deborah

    Helps to know if something happens to me the dog is at hand.

  • service dog equipment

    by Holly Reese

    great service wonderful advice :) looking forward to ordering more things im needing soon :)


    by Gretchen Schroepfer

    Great product. Leaves my hands free to carry packages, open doors, etc,

  • Training Sally

    by Rick

    No problem controlling Sally while wheeling my chair. I have to keep the lead at its shortest length to avoid wrap around

  • Great product

    by Danielle Veloso

    Excellent product and customer services. Very happy paws here. Fast shipping, good communication

  • I really liked this product

    by Tucker M.

    3 reasons I like this product: 1. I have better control over my dog 2. I can drink coffee and walk my dog 3. There is the right amount of control.

  • Must Have leash

    by Thea Hynes

    I have tried other hands free leashes in the past and they never felt right. This is the best. Great comfort and quality. The leash extends long enough that when in a public place I can give Kira her freedom to do her business in privacy and it is makes it so much easier when I am at hospital filling out paper work she has enough line to lay at my feet and I have both hands free to do my work then can quickly adjust it to the length I like when walking. It even helped when I fell. It allowed her the ability to do her job and help me up and gave me the ease of mind that she was secure to me. Thanks for a great product.