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Q: How do I properly size my dog for a vest?

A: We have some easy to follow instructions for this on our Vest Sizing Page.


Q: What colors are your service dog vests available in?

A: Each service dog vest is available in a large variety of colors. Check out our latest vest color chart.


Q: My dog is in between sizes on your service dog vests; which size should I order?

A: Great question.  So great as a matter of fact that this caused us to completely redesign the way we manufacture our self-contained girth straps. If you're dog is in between sizes, we recommend you go to the larger of the two sizes.  So, if your dog measures right at 34 inches and you can't decide between the 30-34 or the 34-40, go with the 34-40 size.


Q: How quickly will my order ship?

A: The answer to this really depends on the contents of your order. We stock many of the items we sell for speedy order fulfillment. Some of our items, like our service dog vests, are custom made and so we need a little time to manufacture those items. Most products on our website will have the availability listed on them near the price. Expedited orders are always put on the fast-track for shipment as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions, just contact us.


Q: What is your returns policy?

A: Full details of our return policy can be found on our Shipping and Returns page. The short version is that our service dog equipment can't be returned for refunds, although you can exchange it if you ordered the wrong size. On items that are eligible for refunds, we will not accept them if they have dog hair on them. If an item is sent back to us and is not in brand new condition, we simply cannot issue credit for it.