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  • A great tag to hang from your vest or harness.

Engraved Stop Sign DO NOT PET Tag

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Product Description

The Wiredog Octagon-shaped engraved DO NOT PET Service Dog Tag working dog tag is made from our Tuff-Tec plastic and is engraved on one-side. The tag reads "STOP - Service Dog Working - Do Not Pet" in bright, vibrant lettering. The color of this tag is stop sign Red with White engraved letters. This tag size measures approximately 2.0" so it is easy to read, yet not cumbersome. Our Tuff-Tec plastic is coated with a hardened coating, so these tags will not get scratched up. This service dog tag is a great addition to hang on our Service Dog Vests and Harnesses or even on a collar. Made in the U.S.A.

IMPORTANT NOTE - as with any object, your dog should NEVER be left along with a small product. This could result in a choking hazard and/or digestive problems. NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE WITH A CHOKING HAZARD.


There are 14 review(s) for this product

  • Pleased that "STOP" is doing the job!

    by Jean Van

    Great product. I was pleased that the "STOP" sign is doing the job, however, I was very disappointed that, for the price, some sort of clip/hook was not included. I do not have much feeling left in my hands and it was very difficult to get a ring threaded onto the tag.

  • Great just broke quickly

    by Jackie

    Love the size and it does get peoples attention. However it did break after only 5 days :/

  • great tag



  • Another nice product...but

    by Anchor

    Again would be nice to pay a little more to have a decent way to attach it to the vest or a hook on a leash or collar. I think after a while the corner with the hole in it will break

  • great product!

    by Unknown

    Item was true to size and excellent quality, arrived quickly too!

  • whish it was offered in Spanish also

    by Unknown

    Great product. I connected it to one of the D rings on my dogs service vest.

  • Easy to read

    by Caroline Youngblood

    Clear and easy to read! Love the tags since my mobility harness does not allow for patches.


    by CAROLYN


  • Thank you!

    by Terill Pederson

    I purchased a number of things and I have no regrets I have a service animal and with the stop sign people do not just pet her anymore they ask and with her being my service dog I am nice and I can say no . I thank you and my pet thanks you for keeping her all mine to be happy with.

  • Do Not Pet Tag

    by Joan Ingram

    Easily displayed

  • a must have

    by Brenda

    As with many service animals, the desire to pet them is ever present. This stop sign is excellent and is recognized whether or not English is a first, second or third language. The symbol is universal and is a perfect communication device even if the English language is not spoken or read by an individual. It's a great safety tool.

  • Love the Red Stop Sign!

    by Diane Smith

    Kids do not have to even read the tag to know it says stop. My dog is there to protect me and give me emotional security. She does not like it when people try to pet her, but she will if I say it is ok. She does not have to worry about that anymore. This simple tag cured that problem. Thank You!


    by Elite Service Dog Trainers - Jupiter, FL

    Excellent product. Great company, great service!!!

  • Stop Sign Service Dog Tag

    by Chapel Hill, NC

    Clear and easy to read