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  • Packed with useful and helpful information regarding service dogs.

Engraved Service Dog Access Tag

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Product Description

This engraved Service Dog Access tag is made from our Tuff-Tec material and it is engraved with easy-to-read letters. The tag reads - Access is Required - Service Dog - Must be Permitted by Federal Law. For access problems, please contact the U.S. Department of Justice at 1-800-514-0301.

The tag is blue in color with white engraved letters. (colors may vary) The size of the Service Dog Access Tag measures 2.65 x 2 so it is easy to read.


There are 48 review(s) for this product

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  • Small but powerful

    by Unknown

    I feel the black and white base for the lettering is great.Oftentimes engraving in metal is hard to read this is not.The strong working is also a benefit.Very happy.

  • good quality

    by Unknown

    The right size and easy to read

  • good quality

    by Unknown

    The right size and easy to read

  • perfect

    by joann gouge

    I love ur company
    U guys do soo much for us!
    I bought this for a friend
    I already used ur services

  • Good but not Great

    by Myranda and SD Jessabelle

    Our review as a team is thus: Good but not great.
    It would be greatly improved if the tag was double sided, because I have it attached to a heavy duty retractable lanyard that is then affixed to our mobility harness, it often flips over and that would not be a problem if the tag were double sided.
    It would also be improved if the hole for the tag was not in the center of the tag but where it is in the photo. My tag has the hole underneath "Service Dog" instead of underneath "Access Required" which makes it difficult to put a ring on.
    My last complaint was mentioned before: the tag's edges are not beveled and can be quite sharp. Granted not sharp enough to cause damage, but I'm sure it's not very comfortable when affixed to a collar.
    Other than those points, it definitely serves its purpose, however if I order something in the future I would like it to be improved upon.

  • Service Dog Tag

    by Unknown

    I purchased it for a friend. And she is helping to write the review.
    The dog tag has made it easier upon entering an establishment. There is only one concern and that is the size of the tag. When my dog lays down, the tag seems to poke into her neck because she can't get the tag to lay down properly. Maybe you can make it smaller, rounder & two sided.

  • Perfect size tag

    by Your Name

    I ordered the overnight package, it came promptly as it said it would, the very next day. The tags are very sturdy and very easy to read. It is official and when we stayed in hotels we were never once questioned.

  • service dog id

    by 5517

    Professional and fast

  • Blue and white service do tage

    by sabrina mayer

    Love it. Easy to read/see. very professional looking. Would recommend!

  • exactly what I needed.

    by Tina

    Exactly what I needed!

  • say what they are

    by Unknown

    These are good but not what I was expecting

  • PERFECT!!!

    by Gloria

    Long Lasting and easy to see!! Highly recommended for any Service Dog

  • Okay, but hard to attach without scratching it up

    by Michelle

    I've had a couple of these, in general they work well, but they don't come with a way to attach it to the vest without scratching it up and depending on where you attach it, it easily breaks

  • Dog tag

    by Donald Hannum

    Great Tag

  • Great tag

    by Caroline Youngblood

    Love this tag! My mobility harness does not allow for patches, so the tags are great!

  • great product

    by Lynn Pena

    exactly what I was looking for and easily noticable, wish I had found sooner.

  • Access Anywhere Tag

    by Richard Martin

    We have these for both our 4 legged children along with the Emotional Therapy Animal Tags and they are GREAT. They have lasted for 4 years so far and show no signs of wearing out.
    Ordered a set for my daughter and mistakenly ordered 2 of the same and was told they would just correct my oops without having to send back the second one. Fantastic folks to do business with and have been in my favorites list for a long time.
    Thanks for the service.

  • Engraved Service Dog Access Tag

    by Michelle E

    Perfect wording, the size is great for my lab, stands out great and sadly, I have had to use the info in it. It did crack around the hole with time and wear of his vest. Other than that no complaints..great product from an awesome company.

  • Why i didn't mark your product a "5"

    by Unknown

    The product over all is good but there are two reasons why I didn't give you a "5" rating. First, I like how you include the 1 800 number on the tag. However I believe you should ad a ted tag to give people a choice. I would definitely would have the ted one had you had it because it's stands out more and also for the owner might prefer red for their girl dog but the first reason is defiantly more suitable.
    The second reason is because there was no ring to put on my dog's collar. I had to go to the store and buy one. When I ordered products that need a ring it is always included. Thank you for letting Mr write this letter. Maybe you can make the ID in red too and you can contact me to let me know you have what I would of preferred.

  • Its perfect

    by Marianne Fusco

    In the summer the tag works great because of the heat its a lot easier than the vest, I also like the fact of how its worded I have never been denied access anywhere once they see the tag.

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