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Embroidered Collar Cover

11 product reviews  
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Product Description

Wiredog customers have called this product "simple, yet effective" and that's just what we were hoping for. Our Embroidered Collar Cover is the perfect way to let others know your service dog or therapy dog is working. Made from a soft, neutral-color fleece, this dog collar cover is made to slip over all popular collars. Measures 10" long, so care should be taken if ordering this for a tiny dog. Color of fleece may vary with inventory - color will be a neutral tone (usually tan, gray or black).

Choose from the following styles: Service Dog (Red Thread), Therapy Dog (Blue Thread), Service Dog In Training (Red Thread), Dog at Work (Orange Thread), Guide Dog (Orange Thread), Hearing Dog (Orange Thread), Mobility Dog (Blue Thread), Seizure Dog (Red Thread), Do Not Pet (Red Thread), Ask to Pet (Blue Thread), Medical Alert Dog (Red Thread), Emotional Support Animal (Blue Thread), Search & Rescue (Orange Thread), Working Dog (Orange Thread), In Training (Red Thread).


There are 11 review(s) for this product

  • nice but not long enough

    by Unknown

    Needs to be longer to cover the collar area of training collars for larger breed dogs


    by Nancy Pochinco

    Pretty much what other people were saying. Price was good but thought it was a sheep skin type. Kinda of flimsy but it will do for now. the ends were too lge. and she has a wide collar so I had to sew it a little bit to make it smaller.

  • beautiful

    by Unknown

    Awesome also fits leashes

  • Not happy with it...

    by Les R Landry

    I was disappointed with the collar cover. The first thing that upset me was it was not the same material that is shown in the picture. In the picture it looks like a sheepskin type of material. When it came it was some kind of microfiber, and that was a turn-off for me. I ordered RED lettering,and that was a mistake on my part. because the red isn't very visible against the grey cover. Now I am still looking for a better one...

  • Nice Collar Cover

    by Caboy

    Cover is readable as long as the dog does not move her head as the collar will move and it becomes unreadable. It would be ideal if there was a button hole in the middle of the collar so that the dog leash would attach and keep the collar cover from moving.

  • Excellent product

    by Carol Yates

    Large letters lets it be seen easily. Great service and fast shipping. Thank you.

  • Embroidered Collar Cover

    by Linda Ross

    It is nicely visible and comfortable for her to wear if I loosen her collar to accommodate the extra bulk of the cover. I have actually used it more on her leash and, again, works well. Recommend.

  • Review of Embroidered Collar Cover

    by Michael Grill

    Disappointed with material. Not adjustable. Embroidered lettering looks good. No way to keep in place on collar so it slides around underneath where it is not visible.

  • Collar Cover

    by Shirley F

    It is nice but a little too big for my 10# dog. Also if I ordered again I would get white instead of grey as on grey lettering doesn't stand out.Love quality at Pet Joy and my remarks are only due to my color and size choices

  • Simple, yet effective.

    by Nijera Wildman

    The Embroidered Collar Cover is the perfect alternative to the vest if you have a puppy in training for service, mobility, therepy etc. It is also great to have on an older dog should you chose not to aquire the vest. The Embroided Collar is fleece and slips right on to your standard collar. The stiching comes in a variety of colors and can be customized to your choice of Style. The price is excellent and worth the 5 star rating. This Embroidered Collar Cover would also work great together with the new cover for the leash.

  • Embroidered Collar Cover

    by Deirdre Johnson

    Very nice , comfortable. The only item i found so far that I can use on a puppy that didn't cost a fortune. Will last for collar id when older too.