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Customized Military Dog Tag

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Product Description

About These Custom Dog Tags: 

 This CUSTOM Military style dog tag is embossed to your personal specifications. It is made to go with our M1-K9 Military Collar, but can also be used with any dog collar or service dog vest. 


 These two military issue dog tags are custom embossed, with silencers and one 3" inch chain and one 27" inch chain (with upgrade).

Tag on the short chain goes on the M1-K9 Collar to replace the "standard" tag. Second tag goes on your dog to be worn all the time. This way, your dog always has a dog tag on, even when he's off duty snoozin' on couch.

The long chain (included with upgrade) can easily be cut with snips or scissors to fit your dog to your liking.

You can have anything you like embossed onto these dog tags which may include your dogs name, phone number, GPS chip information, your address, or military rank. 

There is limited room on these tags, so please keep it to a character limit of 14 max for each line on these tags.........If you go over the 14 characater limit we will "edit" it down for you to fit the tag.


Why Your Dog Needs ID Tags:

Having contact information on your dog is essential in the event your dog gets lost or separated from you. Your dog can not tell someone where they live or how to contact you, but these dog ID tags will have all your contact information on them so that your dog will be protected in case he or she gets lost or separated from you. Every dog should have some kind of ID Tag for identification purposes.  


How to order:

To customize your ID dog tags just fill in what you want embossed onto the dog tags in the boxes provided above. You do not need to fill every box, you can have as much or as little as you like on these tags.


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  • Military Dog Tags

    by Lolo

    I absolutely love that me and my dog have matching tags and these are the exact quality of the ones that the US Military makes.