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Customized Emergency Medical ID Badge (set of 2)

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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT database your information.  For your security, all photos are deleted upon shipment of your order. 

Check out our 1-Year Replacement Program

If at any time during the 12 months that follow your order, you change medication or have a change in medical condition, you are allowed one new replacement set of badges at no charge!  All you have to pay is the shipping and handling!  If you should take advantage of this update, we will be asking you to resubmit your photo - due to security, we do NOT save your photograph and information.

These Badges are More SIMPLE and PRACTICAL than the Other Medical ID Products on the Market... Here's Why:

 The problem with Medical ID bracelets are that they are small (unable to hold large amounts of information) and easy to forget when you walk out of the house.  The problem with the "high-tech" products that store your information Electronically is that during an emergency, the last thing a first responder has time to do is find a computer to boot up and upload your profile... this is just not going to happen in a true life and death situation.  The Stat Card ID Emergency Medical ID Card has been made simple on purpose! - On a card that is just like your Driver's License, we have life-saving information on the front.  This means that at a glance, a first responder can view your name, age, blood type (for transfusions), allergies, medications currently taken and your known medical conditions.  This card will convey all of that information to them whether you are conscious or not.  On the back of the card, we list two (2) emergency contacts, your physician's contact information, DNR orders and more information.

The Emergency Medical ID Card Can Save your Life without Compromising Important Information

The Emergency Medical ID Card does NOT include your Social Security number, Home Address, Driver's License Number or Home Telephone number.  This card has been designed to be as simple as possible.  This card is for emergency situations - because of this, these sensative pieces of your personal information are NOT necessary.

What You Receive

The Emergency Medical ID Card comes as a set of two (2) cards.  There are also a number of accessories such as ID Lanyards, ID Clips, ID Badge Sleeves and ID Reel Clips that you can add to your cart for more convenience.  The idea behind the set of two (2) is that you can keep a card in your wallet or purse or around your neck, while the other can be left in your car - perhaps hanging around the car shifter or somewhere else that is visible in the case of an emergency.  Remember, these ID cards contain information that is only important in helping you during an emergency; because of this reason, we do NOT need to include your Social Security number, home address or other information that could be used in identity theft.

PLEASE NOTE:  Upon completion of your order, So that we may complete the ID Badges for you, we will need you to e-mail a picture of yourself to sales@petjoyonline.com!  A headshot is preferable, but if you do not have one, we can crop the picture for you.  As soon as we receive the picture, we will get your order together and get it out to you.  Please note if you ordered other products, they will be shipping separately from your ID tags.  Thank you so very much for your business. 
If you are unable to e-mail a photo, please inform us that you will be mailing your photo to us.  You can inform us at sales@petjoyonline.com.  Please note, this option takes longer. 
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There are 6 review(s) for this product

  • ID medical badge

    by SGT. Clarice Martin

    This is a wonderful thing to have ! I have allergies and its nice to know that when the Idiots at our local Medical facility rummage thru my purse- they can see in writing my allergie problems instead of not listening to me and causing me respiratory distress! Thank you for this ID Medical badge!

  • Mine

    by Margaret Meadows Blackburn

    I came out really Nice, Thank You for that and Getting everything to me Very Fast.

  • speed/corrections

    by Joe KeNab

    The badges were done promptly and corrections done as well, with no hassle! Thanks!

  • Simple and effective ID Badge.

    by Jim

    Handy and readable ID Badge, very nice.

  • best idea ever!!!!

    by Sandy Bryant

    After my MD increased my medication in the a.m., I took my medication as directed and as I took my daughter and service dog to our high school football game, I became unresponsive. The first thing the Paramedics found was my Med I.D. and was about to get all of my medical history, meds and allergies. They were also able to call my husband and get any other info., such that fact of the increase in my med. This I.D. card saved my live. Thank you!!

  • information error

    by Angel Samson

    Although the ID is great, one of my contact names was clearly incorrect. I typed Rudy and Buddy was printed instead, otherwise 5 stars would have been rated.

    PETJOY NOTE - we apologize for the typo Angel! Getting a new set out right away! Thanks!!