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  • QR Code stores important medical information regarding you and your service dog.
  • Information available right on the screen for medical personell.

Custom QR Code ID Badge (Set of Two)

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Product Description

This item is CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. instead, please check out our standard Service Dog ID Badges.

Now the QR Code readers today's smartphones feature could assist medical professionals by providing a quick look at your important medical information during an emergency.

Our new QR Code Customized ID Badges feature a modern and simple look which will identify your dog as a Service Dog (or other type of working dog) along with the Handler Name and your City, State and Zip Code of residence.  As with all of our Service Dog ID tags, important ADA Federal Law information will be printed on the reverse side. Other working dog types will not feature the ADA Law, but will feature important information pertaining to that type of working dog.

That funny barcode on the front is what makes this product so special. Scan it with any of today's free QR Code Reader smartphone apps and important medical information immediately pops up on the screen. This could be vital for first responders and medical care professionals. 

Because your personal security is important to us, we do not list your full home address or your social security number - the things we list are things that may be vital to saving a life in an emergency. We list things like allergies, medications taken, emergency contact numbers and the name of your doctor.

It should be noted that our ID badges never have some sort of expiration date on them in an attempt to try to sell you a new set every year. We will point out, however, that if your medications change, or if you become aware of new allergies, you may want to order a new set or, at the very least, retire the use of the outdated set.

This product comes as a SET OF 2 IDs.


There are 2 review(s) for this product

  • great product

    by Unknown

    It should have come with a clip. It is a great idea. We have a lot of info on the card. The is picture is a little small. The scanner is huge. I'm not sure if it has to be that large? Overall its a great product.

    Petjoy Response: we are so glad you like your ID set. Yes, because of the amount of information we place within the QR coding, the bar code itself does need to be large. We are continuing to research bringing the size of that bar code while still keeping the code's ability to be scanned very, very quickly.

  • Service Dog ID Badge

    by Sande Francis

    This is my 3rd ID badge. The first two I got from another outfit and this one has the scan code on it. the photo of the dog is a lot smaller, but still OK. The print on the back with the ADA law is larger and easier to read, but does not contain all the legalese of the other brand. Same price, same size, but this brand does not come with a clip to attach the badge to the vest or collar like the other brand.