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  • Retro fit our Classic harness or our Air-Tec vest into a gear carrying tool.

Convert-a-Vest BackPack Bag

Works with our Air-Tec or Classic service dog vests. Use two to make a saddlebag style harness.
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Product Description

Convert-a-Vest BackPack Bag by Wiredog

Important note:  The Convert-a-Vest Backpack Bag is only made for certain Wiredog vests.  This item will NOT work with our Cape-Style vests or our Tiny/Jr. size vests.

The Convert-a-Vest Backpack Bag, by Wiredog, is the answer to turning your Wiredog vest into a fully-function backpack to carry medicine, identification, paperwork, doggie waste bags and other daily needs.  Our Convert-a-Vest is for use with the following Wiredog brand working dog vests:  Service Dog Harness Vest (item SVD-0112) and our Mesh Air-Tec (item SVD-0108).

Construction begins with the extremely tough 1,000 denier nylon and features genuine YKK zippers for superior quality.  There are two plastic snaps to attach the Convert-a-Vest onto your Wiredog vest. 

The Convert-a-Vest also includes one of our 2x4 patches in the price so identification of your working dog or service dog is a breeze.  The patch attaches to the Convert-a-Vest with heavy velcro.

The Convert-a-Vest comes in Black only and measures 7" wide x 4" high x 2" deep.  Total capacity is 56 cubic inches.


There are 13 review(s) for this product

  • Nice product

    by Sharon O

    I love that I am able to add these to my mini horses vest for those times we need to bring treats or an extra halter. High quality and I like having extra patches on the packs.

  • Perfect

    by Unknown

    It fits my dogs vest perfectly.

  • Backpack Full Of Service Goodies

    by KAT

    Great, well made backpack. Just wished it was a little smaller to fit my little Beagle (24-lbs). Well made and durable. Very happy with my purchase! =D

  • no more getting stopped

    by lucy

    I love this back-pack for my pet it carries every thing I need it's worth the money

  • great products

    by jim mccaw

    Great products both vest and bag were easy to fit on dog and ability to change patches when training new dog were welcome bonus

  • very basic pack

    by Unknown

    These bags will serve its purpose for what me and my dog need, but the quality could be a bit better. I do like that the patches are velcro and I can change them later. I wish the zippers were weather proof or water reaistant. I can see the bags contents getting wet if stuck in the rain for a bit. One last thing, I would have liked to see little compartments or slots within the bag to organize items.
    I sound so negative, but I LOVE the classic harnass I ordered too. Great job :)

    *** Petjoy Response ***
    We appreciate every bit of feedback we get, so thank you. We should note, however, that the bags do feature a urethane coating inside which is water resistant.

  • Best service dog products out there

    by Michael Caudle Sr. CW2 (Ret.)

    Absolutely durable! My Great Dane, Duke, was loading up into the truck and the bag caught on the door. The plastic snaps broke off. Luckily the snap hooks were made of plastic or more damage could have been done to the equipment or even worse injure my service dog. PETJOY promptly sent new clips to replace the broken ones. What I first thought was a design flaw turned out to be a strong point. Great job guys!

  • Vest Back pack

    by John Krabbe

    EXCELLENT QUALITY , Love this Vest ! It is Nice to see the Love for our Canine Companions that are on the go. Can't say i would add to it , it is very well thought of and built right . Thanks

  • A little too big for the smaller dogs

    by Rachael Wigley

    It ended up being the same as my 2x small vest so I've put it on my purse it holds her snuggle blanket for when its cold out. Would be nice if a smaller pouch was made specifically for the smaller dogs. (Great pouches to hold the keys poop bags, etc) I was also surprised that the service dog label was velcro and not sewed on (don't know why its removeable which was interesting)

  • backpack bag

    by denise and emma

    I got two bags about a week or two ago. I like them. I like the velcro patches so you can put different patches on. The patches havent fallen off or anything.

  • Convert-a-Vest Backpack

    by Heidi Stucki

    I ordered 2 backpacks, one to use on my mobiliy dog's vest - one to clip on to me. These packs are well constructed- the zippers, clips and pack material is are strong and I suspect they will wear well. I did not order the optional patch & now wish that I had. I can recommend this item with thumbs up!

  • backpack bag

    by Lafayette, CA

    fits well and it is made with sturdy material. Very nice.

  • clean up tools handy

    by Cincinnati, OH

    i love these bags, big enough to carry the needed wipes, baggies,etc for cleanup, but ALSO fits my cellphone and wallet!!! It is small enough not to be irritating, and on longer walks, i add the second bag and drop in a water and fold up bowl! ALWAYS a treat or two!!