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  • Come Along Base System shown in Red Rock.
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  • Expand your base system with a wide range of leash accessories.
  • Hold on to your keys and your dog without holding on to anything.
  • Expand your system to let more than one dog take you for a walk.

Come Along Base System - Hands-Free Leash

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Product Description

The Come Along Base System is the foundation of Wiredog's new hands-free dog leash system. The title, "Come Along", is a play on words: a come-along tool is used to move and pull things that might otherwise be difficult to move. Sometimes that difficult thing may be a person. The Come Along Hands-Free dog leash is your dog's tool to pull you, drag you and move you to a more active lifestyle. It is proven that those who exercise with their dogs have a stronger bond and are happier and, most certainly, healthier individuals.


The Come Along is perfect for:

  • Walkers, joggers and runners.
  • Hikers.
  • Trainers.
  • Professional dog walkers.
  • Service dog handlers.
  • Cyclists (advanced).
  • Cross-Country Skiers (advanced).
  • Anybody who wants to free up their hands while being accompanied by their best friend.


The Base System includes the following items (expansion items can be purchased separately.):

  • Human belt portion comes in three (3) size options: 23"-40", 24"-50" and 33"-60".
  • Leash portion is adjustable from 24" to 43".
  • Two (2) Quick-Release loops on the human belt portion which free-float around the belt will prevent tangling and messes. These belt loops also feature integrated d-rings to hang a set of keys, an LED light for night walking or any other small accessory.
  • Quick-Release collar piece allows you to work your dog off lead but allows you to quickly hook back up when ready.
  • Backed by Wiredog's Lifetime Warranty. If it can't be fixed, it will be replaced.

Through the use of mil-spec Quick Release latches, the Come Along provides a quick disconnect option in case of an emergency. When working your dog off-lead, you can also store the leash you're not using by clipping it into a belt loop on the human belt portion. The belt loops also come standard with a sturdy d-ring so that you never have to worry about losing your keys again while you're hitting the trail.

This item is available in tons of different styles to suit your style (or your dog's style). Choose from a wide variety of accessories, such as extra leashes or belt loops, to expand your system as needed. The Come Along is as care-free as you and your dog allow.

This item is proudly Made in the U.S.A. Passing on the idea of cheaper imported buckles, even the plastic military-spec buckles are made right here in the Midwest.




There are 3 review(s) for this product

  • Good hands free system

    by Unknown

    I like the way the system is set up, and can be expanded or have pieces replaced. What I would like to see it's the system expanded so that it can be used with smaller dogs that need lighter weight hardware, or with taller dogs that would be able utilize a leash that could be shorter. The system had a huge potential for dogs of all sizes and weights, the options just need to be available.

  • So far so good

    by Tony

    I operate a medium sized dog walking company on the UWS in Manhattan and have been opposed to these types of things because I feel like idle hands lead walkers to pick up phones or smoke or whatever. However, as we've filled out our roster and have over 100 dogs in our care I had to begin thinking about safety and the horror that would be a dog breaking off his leash or a walker dropping a leash.

    I wanted to not like this system, to hold on to my way of doing things. However, after a week of using the hands-free method I found it to be very useful and am considering implementing a change so that all our walkers use it. I'm not sure how it will work with bigger dogs that pull in icy conditions or how dogs that are weavers/wanderers will stay untangled. I'm going to have all of my walkers use it for a week and see what they think. From my point of view though it definitely has many advantages.

    For someone that has one or two dogs I think this could be a great investment. Very happy with the purchase despite my not wanting to like it!

  • High-quality, durable, versatile, simple!

    by Rebekah

    I received my Come Along Hands-Free Leash today and just returned from our first walk with it. I absolutely love it!

    Similar systems that I've tried have seemed bulky and inconvenient, so after a walk or two, they just gather dust on a long forgotten shelf. This one looked simple enough, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    While the picture looks like any other nylon leash, it is thicker and much better quality than the average leash material. The buckles and snaps, likewise, are heavy duty. If you let your dog off-leash, you can leave the collar tab on the dog and buckle the leash to the extra belt loop, or you can unsnap the leash from the collar and snap it to the D-ring on the belt loop.

    I used the leashes at their shortest length for a casual walk through town with my two dogs today, but I will extend them to full length for use with their X-back harnesses next time I have THEM take ME for a walk. :)

    This product is brand new, from what I understand, but as it gets going, I would love to see Wiredog add more components. A shorter leash option would be great when you need to keep a taller dog close. A short (6" or so) elastic section that could be added between the belt loop and leash would be nice for absorbing shock when using the leashes for pulling.

    All in all, I am extremely happy with the Come Along Hands-Free Leash!