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  • Easy to read service dog tags with embroidery reads SERVICE DOG DO NOT PET
  • Interchange service dog tags with other panels easily thanks to velcro attachment.

Clip On Service Dog Do Not Pet Embroidered ID panel

9 product reviews  
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Product Description

This clip on embroidered ID panel reads SERVICE DOG DO NOT PET.

Perfect to clip on to any Wiredog vest or your existing harness. The base features a "fuzzy side" Velcro face and the panel features the "scratchy side" Velcro on the back. This makes it easy for you to swap from an "In Training" panel when your dog has completed training to something like a "Service Dog" panel and just reuse the same base.

Panel measures 2" X 4".


There are 9 review(s) for this product

  • Do Not Pet Tag

    by Diane

    Very good quality embroidery. Very solid tag and clip. Have small service dog who is difficult to fit harnesses off of measurements of the internet; she wiggles out of them. This tag means I can use any harness that actually fits her without worrying whether she can get out of it, if it will stand up to the trails we hike, or it will bee too hot, etc. "Do not pet" stands out & as we are in the middle of final training, people actually ask if they can pet her or not; a lot have just let off with complementing her, without touching. Parents have stopped their kids from running up to her. All of the above are great outcomes. It allows me to thank them and offer, or not, to let them pet her, depending on the situation.

  • product and company are amazing.

    by alaina

    I had an amazing experience with those company, they contacted me quickly and professionally when there was a mix up with my package and sent it quickly and made it easy to track. The product is well made, durable, the writing is clear, and it is exactly what I needed.

  • Finally 'patches' without having to pay ridiculous prices to have them sewn on.

    by Unknown

    I've had to pay outrageous prices to have patches made & then sewn on to my service dog's backpacks for years so this is very much appreciated. The only thing I might've added is a white border around the red 'service dog' letters so it shows up from further away (I like the red). But it's great to be able to clip them onto different backpacks. I only wish it came with a riding crop to keep people from reaching out to my service dog :) he's my balance so it throws me off when people demand his attention

  • exactly what I was looking for.

    by Andrea C.

    I was looking for a new patch as I had bought a new Service Dog harness. The only problem with the new working harness is the lack of a place to sew a patch. This patch works great with the new harness. I love that I have the option of changing where it is attached.

  • good reminder

    by McLaughlin

    Reminds people not to pet the dog.

  • excellent

    by angie

    Luv this product

  • A Perfect Fit!

    by Mon-Cheri Harmon

    This is the perfect size for what I needed it for and the versatility of putting it on a lanyard, luggage or even in the leash it works great for me!!

  • wonderful tag

    by Donna

    This is made so well. Besides the clip it has velcro.

  • do not pet tag

    by Unknown

    I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but as much as people stop and pet her and I haven't gotten her her trained completely since she's just a puppy, I'm always afraid she's going to jump on someone.