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  • Classic Service Dog Harness Vest shown in Red
  • Classic harness vest shown in Hot Pink with optional Embroidery.
  • Classic harness shown in Yellow.
  • Classic service dog vest shown in Purple.
  • Classic service dog harness vest shown in Charcoal with Custom Embroidery.
  • A sleek beautiful fit means this vest doesn't get in the way of your dog's work.
  • Close up of vest embroidery
  • Classic harness vest shown in Royal Blue.
  • Classic harness shown in Hot Pink
  • Classic Harness shown in Black

Classic Harness Vest

This service dog vest is the standard by which others are measured. You can even personalize it with your dog's name.
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Product Description

This vest is perfect for your dog if:

  • If you want an integrated handle.
  • If you want a solid vest that is robust.
  • If your dog has a girth of 25" or above.
  • If you want a vest they can add backpacks to.
  • If you want to hook a leash directly to your harness. 


More Details about the Classic Harness Vest:

Of all the Wiredog service dog vests we manufacture, the Classic Service Dog Harness Vest is a continual customer favorite and is our flagship product. It's our most popular vest and is an unbelievable value for the features it offers and the different applications in which it can be used.

Available now, you can get it personalized with your dog's name. When you choose this option, we will embroider your dogs name on the fabric (see example photos above) with a beautiful contrasting thread. The finished product is strikingly beautiful, unique and built to last. Please note, all embroidery is done in block letters by default.  If you would like your vest embroidered in a cursive font, please request this in the "Order Comments" section during checkout.

Check out some of the features of our Classic Harness Service Dog Vest:

  • Top and bottom built from high-denier water-resistant material that's built to be abused.
  • No-Stink interior padding doesn't absorb odor like other vests.
  • Integrated rubberized molded handle gives a full, comfortable grip.
  • 360 degrees of our reflective REFLEX edging for safety in low-light situations.
  • Triple D-Rings to accomodate leashes, accessories and our modular back system. You can add a single backpack to the top of the pack or hang a bag off each side to make a saddlebag version.
  • Right side swivel clip for accessories.
  • Patches on the top and left side - and we stitch these on for you.
  • Wide comfortable chest and girth straps.
  • Personalized embroidery now available.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Tons of color choices (see color chart link below).
Sizes are as follows. All girth sizes are measured in inches: (girth measurement) :
26-30" | 30-34" | 34-40" | 40-42"

Want to know how to size your dog for a service dog vest? Want to see a swatch of our vest colors? Click here to view our sizing instructions or click here to view our current color chart.

Interested in a vest like this one for dog's under 26" in girth? Check out our Premium Tiny Service Dog Vest.

A note about sizing - please make sure to measure your dog's girth, TWICE, for an accurate measurement. To do this, use a SOFT FABRIC measuring tape and measure your dog around the chest just behind the front legs. Make sure your dog is standing up while you are doing this. You can also circle your dog's chest with a leash and then measure the leash where you mark it.


There are 159 review(s) for this product

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  • Wonderful vest

    by Kinsey and Alli

    This vest seems very well made and is high quality, my dog likes it and it fits well. Very pleased. Do wish I had known that on the left side there would be a clip for an ID and not a patch, though, or I would have requested a patch there.

    Thank you!

  • You won't be disapointed!!

    by Mrs. Larry Agerton

    This is a wonderfully well made item. Attention to detail is impressive. Arrived lightening fast & my GSD appears to be very comfortable in it. The strong handle makes for an excellent addition as my dog helps me to sit-up/stand.
    Applause, Applause, You have a definite winner in this product!!

  • First time customer, high quality, great service

    by Michael V

    This is my first time purchasing a service vest for my newly trained service dog. Excellent customer service, I was walked step by step through my options/decisions/questions, excellent material/quality of the actual vest,very well made, bright reflecting trim, great value, arrived within the same week of my original order. Suggestion, my dogs girth is 30in. This vest is border lined to big but just the right fit. If I were to do it again, I probably would have went a little smaller then the 30in girth vest for her. Honestly, she may have lost a little weight from all the walking she is doing now.... Hope this helps any new customer, this company is worth it and you get what you pay for.

    All the best

  • awesome

    by sarah

    I purchased 3 of these vests. One for my mom's therapy dog and one for each of my ESA mini horses. All three fit perfectly. They don't slide or sag to one side. And the colors are bold and beautiful!

  • Handle is very helpful

    by Linda

    The handle on this vest is perfect for bracing on steps. It's sturdy and seems comfortable. I wish I had ordered a different color. The purple looked more vibrant on my screen than it does in "person". It's attractive but when I get another I'll get a brighter color.

  • great for the irish

    by pat

    the vest is perfect the color is even better than it showed on line. fit is good and I love the handle

  • Great harness

    by Unknown

    I love the harness. It fits my Willow well. I love the backpack it carries my wallet and mine and my huskys medication.

  • ACU Vest awesome find

    by josh

    Great product wish theu could customize it to made with owners ACU or add same style pockets that are on ACU uniform with velcro so you can put your patches on it other than that great.

    Petjoy says:
    Thanks for the great review, Josh. We can definitely make the vests out of service member's uniforms. We do that by special request and the price difference is minimal.

  • great item

    by Juan

    The vest fit perfect for my dog and it's pretty much what I expected. Great quality and materials. No complaints and would always recommend this product.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Unknown

    Great quality and materials. No complaints and would always recommend this product.

    Petjoy Response:

    We are thrilled to hear that your new classic harness vest is serving you well. If we can be of any assistance, just let us know.

  • for my needs, it's the BEST

    by Sandy Otto Bryant

    This is my 3rd vest I've ordered and I LOVE it!!! I ordered a hot pink one about 6 yrs ago and a purple one around 3-4 yrs ago. (None of them broke, just wanted a change) For me, this is the best vest out there!! High quality material are used and great workmanship. I've had several ppl stop me in stores asking me where I got the vest and I refer them to your website. Service dog patches are well placed and easily seen by all. Vest is comfortable for my dog to wear for long periods of time. ONE THING...I do wish you carried patches in Spanish that could be added and sewn on by your company (wouldn't mind paying extra for that service either). I didn't see any Spanish patches on the website but if you do carry some, I apologize for missing them. Thank you again for having such high quality service dog supplies!!

    Petjoy Response:
    Thank you for the review, Sandy. Our Classic Harness is certainly what we'd consider our flagship service dog vest.

  • vests used by Wags 4 Warriors

    by Unknown

    We have been ordering for 2 years now and love Petjoy.

  • Marine Corps Service dog vest

    by jamie

    Sent in my old uniform and they turned it into a service dog vest! Great customer service and very fast and nice work on the vest.

  • Favorite vest

    by Colt Rosensweig

    This will always be my favorite vest. It's the perfect middle ground between my dog's little vest (no handles) and big mobility harness (Bold Lead Designs). It's comfy, sturdy, and so professional looking. We get many fewer drive-by pets in this than the little vest. I recommend it to everyone. It's great for light mobility like momentum pull and counterbalance.

    The customer service is amazing as well. I asked for several customizations to our most recent vest, and the only thing I was actually charged for was the extra patch I requested. These vests don't wear out but anytime I feel the urge to get a new color etc., I will always be coming back to Petjoy.

  • vest best

    by moble Momma

    The vest fits great, is highly adjustable, and looks smart. I love the saddle bags, and with, "NO contact," written on it, we have no problems.

  • Excellent, But....

    by William Blackmore

    We got the vest very quickly after ordering it. The reviews above are spot on about color, quality, shipping, etc. I am also very pleased that the vest is of heavy construction. It should last forever as it looks like a kevlar vest.
    However, my only minor issue with it is that the "Service Dog" patches are ONLY on the back and left side. I was under the impression they were on the left and right sides, and that the additional "Diabetic Alert Dog" patch would be on the back. To be fair to the company, the pictures of the vest do show the vest with these patches placed as I received them. I wish I had the option to have them placed where I wanted, or at least some mention of their placement in the description. No major problem though. It is still a great product, and worth the time and money.

  • Bonnie's service dog vest

    by Unknown

    I am very pleased & satisfied with Bonnie's new vest. It arrived quickly & exactly as I had ordered it. The fit is perfect & now we are ready to appear in public fully dressed & ready to go. She is my mobility service dog & my indespensible Aussie.

  • High Quality Dog Harness Vest

    by Kris Diver

    Love it, Love it, Love it!! Came very quickly and had embroidered with her name. Looks wonderful and is high quality. Color is vibrant and fit is great!!

  • excellent harness w more rings n handle

    by Sher

    It fits my dog very well. Compact. With 3 rings and handles. Nice colors

    I wish it is more flexible in sizes so I can use it for more than one dog. It d be nice to have closed pocket for tag

    I'm happy w it. Quality. Compact. Simple.

  • Great harmess best

    by Unknown

    Great fit and quality

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