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  • Classic Service Dog Harness Vest shown in Red
  • Classic harness vest shown in Hot Pink with optional Embroidery.
  • Classic harness shown in Yellow.
  • Classic service dog vest shown in Purple.
  • Classic service dog harness vest shown in Charcoal with Custom Embroidery.
  • A sleek beautiful fit means this vest doesn't get in the way of your dog's work.
  • Close up of vest embroidery
  • Classic harness vest shown in Royal Blue.
  • Classic harness shown in Hot Pink
  • Classic Harness shown in Black

Classic Harness Vest

This service dog vest is the standard by which others are measured. You can even personalize it with your dog's name.
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Product Description

This vest is perfect for your dog if:

  • If you want an integrated handle.
  • If you want a solid vest that is robust.
  • If your dog has a girth of 25" or above.
  • If you want a vest they can add backpacks to.
  • If you want to hook a leash directly to your harness. 


More Details about the Classic Harness Vest:

Of all the Wiredog service dog vests we manufacture, the Classic Service Dog Harness Vest is a continual customer favorite and is our flagship product. It's our most popular vest and is an unbelievable value for the features it offers and the different applications in which it can be used.

Available now, you can get it personalized with your dog's name. When you choose this option, we will embroider your dogs name on the fabric (see example photos above) with a beautiful contrasting thread. The finished product is strikingly beautiful, unique and built to last. Please note, all embroidery is done in block letters by default.  If you would like your vest embroidered in a cursive font, please request this in the "Order Comments" section during checkout.

Check out some of the features of our Classic Harness Service Dog Vest:

  • Top and bottom built from high-denier water-resistant material that's built to be abused.
  • No-Stink interior padding doesn't absorb odor like other vests.
  • Integrated rubberized molded handle gives a full, comfortable grip.
  • 360 degrees of our reflective REFLEX edging for safety in low-light situations.
  • Triple D-Rings to accomodate leashes, accessories and our modular back system. You can add a single backpack to the top of the pack or hang a bag off each side to make a saddlebag version.
  • Right side swivel clip for accessories.
  • Patches on the top and left side - and we stitch these on for you.
  • Wide comfortable chest and girth straps.
  • Personalized embroidery now available.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Tons of color choices (see color chart link below).
Sizes are as follows. All girth sizes are measured in inches: (girth measurement) :
26-30" | 30-34" | 34-40" | 40-42"

Want to know how to size your dog for a service dog vest? Want to see a swatch of our vest colors? Click here to view our sizing instructions or click here to view our current color chart.

Interested in a vest like this one for dog's under 26" in girth? Check out our Premium Tiny Service Dog Vest.

A note about sizing - please make sure to measure your dog's girth, TWICE, for an accurate measurement. To do this, use a SOFT FABRIC measuring tape and measure your dog around the chest just behind the front legs. Make sure your dog is standing up while you are doing this. You can also circle your dog's chest with a leash and then measure the leash where you mark it.


There are 178 review(s) for this product

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  • The Mini's from Heaven herd love their vests!

    by Peggy Braden

    We ordered 3 of your vests for our miniature therapy horses and they are perfect! Beautiful color, excellent quality materials, awesome embroidery work on our logo, patches and horses names and they fit each horse perfectly. Working with Lori Oberrender on the design and fit was amazing. She is so kind and makes the whole process a joy. I am very proud to see my mini's in their vests from Petjoy! Thank you so much!

  • Great Vest

    by Unknown

    this is great for my miniature horses.

  • impressive

    by John Torres and Butterbean

    Once again pet joy surpasses expectations as to the caring for our animals like we do, for carrying the products we need and use on a daily basis. Absolutely love the harness my butterbean loves it as well. Fits beautifully, it's alot better than a neck collar and the attached rings are perfect fit for my dogs saddlebags and patches Thank You so much pet joy my dog say's woof woof

  • Excellent Quality

    by devotedmomof7

    We ordered this for our grandson's autism service dog, and it came in remarkably quickly. The best thing about it is the quality. The fabric is durable and the color is excellent (purple). The patches are well-sewn and the binding is solid. Our dog seems to find it comfortable, and it's so easy to put on and take off. I had our dog's name embroidered and the vest still was produced very quickly and looks so professional. A vest of this quality should assist in businesses recognizing it as a legitimate service dog. SUGGESTION: I wish they offered an option to put two different patches instead of the same one both locations.

  • Well worth the cost

    by Beajay

    Fits perfectly

  • My horses look great

    by Andra Ebert

    These vests are amazing. They are sturdy, colorful and fit well on our mini horses.

  • I am glad I got the red vest

    by Liz

    This is for an emotional support dog and I think the red is very official looking. The only thing is that I do not need the handle so I should have chosen more carefully. I like the way you used initials instead of emotional support dog because I am shy about using it. However, our 1st day out went extremely well and people were very nice. I would order another one from you soon, but not with the handle.

  • great vest!

    by Unknown

    This is an excellent quality vest. It fits well and is well made.

  • Wonderful Vest For miniature horses

    by Cathy

    This vest fits my mini perfectly! It is beautiful and was made exactly the way I wanted it!
    Will be buying more!

  • Wags 4 Warriors service dog vest

    by Frank DeLorenzo

    Petjoyonline.com is the only place we order our vests. They are made to stand the test of time.

  • service dog vest

    by Kelly Glen

    My dog loves the vest. It's like she doesn't even have it on.
    The only problem I've had with it is the fact it shows the vest with the service dog patches already on it and that is what I thought it was going to have on it. Disappointed that it didn't have it because my dog is a service dog and that is the main reason I bought it. It would be nice to have the one on the photo.

  • Mini Horse Pet Therpy Vest

    by Gina

    I ordered this vest for my mini horse. It fits perfect and looks awesome. I love the handle on the top. It is very well made and I highly recommend it.

  • Best Vest in the West

    by Tricia

    Everything about the vest is perfect. I love the way it is formed across the back, the strong beautiful material. Her name, Lily Irene, in emboidery is awesome. We love it.

  • Excellent Quality

    by Robin in Vermont

    Wonderful craftsmanship and quality fabric. Excellent sales staff too!

  • esa harness

    by Unknown

    My husband and I ordered the harness for our dog. We received it quickly and it was beautiful. It's great quality, fits perfectly and is very comfortable for our dog!

  • Just what I needed!

    by Caroline

    I added a bag to my order it came with an attached patch and it works great for carrying all of my stuff. I wish it had more room for patches but I love it and so does my service dog.

  • Perfect for my service pup in-training!

    by Laura

    I love this vest! It is such high quality and they made it perfectly exactly how I wanted it. "IN TRAINING" on both sides and "AUTISM SERVICE DOG" on the top! It came out just like I imagined it! The purple is so beautiful and royal. Not too flashy which I really like! I wish they had a lighter pink vest because the hot pink is too flashy to me, but the purple will do! I can't wait till my service pup in-training gets older and she can wear her bigger vest! Thanks!

  • Great quality, perfect fit

    by David Padfield

    We bought this for my son's Hearing Ear Dog (a 50-pound Lab mix). The quality of the vest is incredible! The reflective piping on the vest is an added bonus. This vest is very sturdy, but still lightweight. Make sure you buy the backpack for this vest (great for carrying ID papers, bags, and a collapsible water bowl).

  • Excellent Quality.

    by Kordelia

    I am currently rating this with 5 stars, due to the fact I have only been using this vest for the past few days those reading this rating must take that into consideration. I see no reason to believe the quality will lessen in time though as it truly is solidly built. I put a few months worth of research into choosing which gear to upgrade with, I went from a simple cape to this harness once my SDiT graduated into an SD. I went with this one because of it's quality mostly, but I also needed a vest with multiple attachment points. On the downside I am very particular about things looking the same on both sides so I was slightly bothered by the patches being on the left and back rather than the left and right. That's just my personal idiosyncrasy though and in no way diminishes the quality of this product. I did attach a Stop Sign tag to the right side of the vest which solved the problem for me, as it is now serving a functional purpose. I have been told by other SD Handlers that the stop sign seems to be the most effective design for reducing the amount of interaction from the general public. I bought this vest for the sole purpose of introducing my SD to a handle, and it was a bonus for me that the harness itself comes with a handle built on, I have come to appreciate having the small attached handle built onto the harness in addition to the snap-on handle I attached to the two rear attachment points. My SD is trained to slip into his cape on command and I found it very pleasing that this was built so similarly that he did not even hesitate to do the same with this harness. Just slip it over your dog's head and buckle the girth strap. It was very simple to adjust both the chest strap and the girth strap and because this one is constructed solidly there was no need for me to put my dog in a harness and then put on his cape. That makes getting him geared up so much faster, taking his gear back off has become easier as well as I can hold the harness handle while my SD backs out of it so it slips off without any struggle. I have enjoyed this harness so far and although both me and my SD are still transitioning to the new gear, as it is actually quite different to work in than our previous gear, I am glad I purchased this and I recommend it to anyone looking for a solidly built harness which is easy to take on and off. As a side note, I chose to go with black as I heard from some others that the colors were not as vivid as they would have liked and again I am very particular about such things. The black harness is very attractive to me, it is simple yet elegant and it compliments my handle remarkably well.

  • Wonderful vest

    by Kinsey and Alli

    This vest seems very well made and is high quality, my dog likes it and it fits well. Very pleased. Do wish I had known that on the left side there would be a clip for an ID and not a patch, though, or I would have requested a patch there.

    Thank you!

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