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  • Want to display your IDs without having to remove them? This is the cape for you.

Cape Vest with Clear Pockets

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Product Description

Based on our perennial favorite, standard cape vest, this takes functionality a step further.

Our SVD-0231 features clear vinyl pockets on each side with an easy to use velcro tab closure. Store ID cards, a cell phone or even an epipen within it. For those that do not need the carrying capacity of our Saddlebag Vest this is an ideal, lightweight, tough solution. With the transparent pockets, the contents inside will remain easy to spot at a glance. If you want this same vest with solid fabric pockets so IDs and contents are unable to be seen, click here.

Construction of this cape is full of typical Wiredog quality and is, as always, backed by Wiredog's Lifetime Guarantee. It begins with two layers of a high denier fabric in the color of your choice. All trim is solid black in color. 

Taking the vest on and off your dog couldn't be simpler.  Simply slip the vest over your dog's head and then snap the quick release buckle together.  From there, you can make adjustments on both the front chest strap and the girth strap.  Once you have the girth strap tightened where you want it, we have a convenitent plastic glide to slip the excess strap through, resulting in a cleaner fit and finish.

A small d-ring is located on the center of the back for leash attachment or to hang tags from.

Want your vest personalized with your dog's name or your phone number? That's easy too. Simply check yes to have us embroider with your information. Non-profits and trainers can also have a logo placed on the cape; simply call or email us to start the process.

Sizing is as follows and is based on girth measurement. Here is how to size your dog if you need help.

26"-30" girth, 30"-34" girth, 34"-40" girth and 40"-42" girth.


Important Note: It is illegal to represent your dog as a Service Dog if your dog is indeed not a Service Dog. Petjoy-Wiredog will NEVER knowingly sell to an individual
committing this fraudulent activity. If you are unsure about what a Service Dog is, please refer to our Service Dog Information page for the definition according
to the Federal ADA Act.


There are 1 review(s) for this product

  • Well made but pockets too small for EpiPen

    by Gina P.

    The vest is good-looking and well-made. However, the pockets are NOT big enough for an EpiPen. Even the smaller generic ones can only be wedged in diagonally, and then the velcro won't hold. Then the pen falls out. So it's great for smaller things but if you rely on it for your life, as I do, another product is probably more appropriate.