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Service Dogs Victim to Reverse Discrimination

This is an opinionated piece of writing, just so you are aware.There is absolutely no doubt about it. If you do an internet search for the term service dog, you will get millions of results. The other thing that you will notice is that everybody and their uncle is writing pretty much the same article. [...]

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A Young Boy Connects to the World with the Assistance of His Service Dog

In Marysville, WA, eight year old Christopher Wells has been stuck inside his own body for much of his life due to a brain hemorrhage that he suffered before he was even born; he was born prematurely which left him unable to feed himself, speak, walk and he has very little vision. According to doctors, [...]

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Young Victims Cope with Help from a Therapy Dog Program

In Joliet, IL, the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center, founded by State Attorney Jim Glassgow in 1995, is a place where abused children and their families can visit while their case is being examined. When there are claims of extreme physical or sexual abuse, a trained member of the staff will question the child. Paws [...]

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A Wiredog Service Dog Vest - Custom Work at an Affordable Price

When it comes to service dog vests and supplies, we really do know our stuff and we know it pretty dog-gone good (yes, pun intended). That's because since 2007 we have sold and manufactured equipment for not only those that use a service dog on a daily basis, but also for the organizations that train [...]

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Have the Right Service Dog Equipment for Your Specialized Service Dog

While service dogs are important to many people in terms of mobility and "invisible" disabilities, most people unfamiliar with service dogs still think of guide dogs or hearing assist dogs as the only dogs that qualify.Service dogs come in a wide variety of services such as autism service dogs, diabetic alert and response dog, [...]

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Up, up and away - Flying with a Service Dog or ESA

No doubt that one of my least favorite places is the airport.  Probably because most of my flights have been for business and not leisure. Even the most exciting trip, however, can get off to a rocky start or fall short of a fairytale ending, because of our time at the airport. If you are [...]

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